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NewStart Discipleship Announces a new Video Course: Defending Your Faith

Here's an Introduction to Defending Your Faith (Introduction to Apologetics)

Teach New Believers why we can trust the Bible

Every new believer needs to learn the firm evidence and foundation that exists for their Christian faith.

With this video course, you'll discover how to defend your faith! Learn how to respectfully, confidently answer atheists, skeptics, and the spiritually curious!

Here's a Summary of the lessons in this video course, which is great for Sunday School classes or small groups, as well as discipleship resources.

Summary of the Lessons from this Intro to Apologetics curriculum

Lesson #1 - Intro: What is defending your faith? Why does it matter? #2 - Misconceptions: Does Christianity have to be proven scientifically? Is there any absolute truth? #3 - Is there a God? What are some arguments for God's existence? How can I explain them? What about the problem of suffering? #4 - Creation: Is there any evidence for Intelligent Design? What about evolution? #5 - The General Argument for Christianity: How can I build a solid case for Christianity from start to finish? #6 - Can I Trust the Bible? Is the New Testament historically reliable? How can I prove it? #7 - Jesus' Resurrection: How do we know that Jesus really is the Messiah? Can we believe in His Resurrection? #8 - Jesus' Claim to be God: Did Jesus really claim to be God, or was he just a good teacher? #9 - Christianity Among World Religions: Aren't all religions basically the same? If not, how are they different?

Teach Your Church Members to Defend Their Faith

While the download comes with one license to print it for yourself, this program is also available for discipleship in your church, discipleship Bible study, or Sunday School classes through NewStart Discipleship Tools. Teach your congregation to be confident in their faith!

Get the 54 page workbook to help you learn to give evidence for Christianity to the "spiritually curious!"

If you want to know more about defending your Christian faith, or why Christianity is true, or who Jesus really was, you've come to the right place.

Questions about Defending Your Faith?

This video course will help to equip new Christians and mature believers with a good foundation for your faith, and the logical basis for Christianity. We'll answer questions like:

  • Why is the Bible true?

  • Can I trust the Bible?

  • Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

  • What is the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus?

  • How is Christianity different from other religions?

  • Is Christianity logical?

  • Arguments for the existence of God​

  • Is the Bible historically reliable?

  • ...and many more questions about Christianity!

While the video course is completely free for individuals to take, you can also license it for your local church to print unlimited copies of the workbook and use it in programming on a regular basis.

To find out more about the new Christian Bible study resources that NewStart Discipleship provides, you can click here to get a free new Christian discipleship journal!

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