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New Christian Bible Reading Plan: NewStart Day 41

Every day of a new Christian’s walk with Jesus, they need clear teaching and encouraging mentoring. In this post, I transcribe the teaching from the plan for discipling new Christians found at NewStart Discipleship. This helps give new Christians a clear new believer Bible reading plan, along with a set of new habits for new Christians.

Here’s the transcript from day 41:

New Start Discipleship Day 41

Hey, welcome back to New Start Discipleship, Day 41. We're cranking right through, we're about to get into Day 50 pretty soon. This is you're still in the book of Psalms today, Psalm 22, 38, and 51. These are Psalms for the suffering and the sinful is what I've titled this particular day.

One of the things about Psalms, is the book of Psalms, sometimes it's glad and happy and rejoicing the Lord. Sometimes it is hard, and weighty and challenging and discouraged and lamenting. And when that happens, the reason for that is because nobody says that Christians have to be hoppity hop over the top all the time, right? Like, “oh, this is great. Everything's great. I'm so happy even though I'm…” you know, sometimes even people who love the Lord with all of their heart, go through really hard things. And it's okay. It's okay. One of my favorites is Psalm 10. It's not on your list, but it's Psalm, Psalm 10. David starts off by saying,

“Oh, Lord, where are you? Why are you standing far away?”

Wow, what's with all these kinds of stuff? Psalms, what? What is that in there? Let me tell you why. Because the book of Psalms is like, God allowed you in the, to put our ear up to the door of a man who loved God with all of his heart. And listen to him pray, and listen to him be gut level honest with God. And I would just tell you that let these Psalms inform you're praying.

So, you are breathtakingly honest with God, gut level true in what you say to him. He is not afraid of your questions. He is not afraid of you say like Psalm 22;

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Right? He's not afraid of that. He's not afraid of you of you coming to him and saying, I don't feel like you're here. Not scared of that. Right? Other Christians, other believers, other lovers of God, like you have had those kinds of moments. And that's okay. It's all right. You stick with God, and you're going to get through it, even when you feel like he's gone. Alright, so there's much to be said there.

I'll tell you about Psalm 51. Real quickly, sometimes a Psalm, it's on your reading list for today. Sometimes a psalm is more meaningful when you know what's going on where it comes from. Psalm 51 is this is what's a song that David wrote, after he had sinned by committing adultery with Bathsheba. You remember that story a few days back in our reading.

He looked down he saw a woman that she was beautiful. He took her and slept with her and then murdered her husband. When she turned up pregnant. And excuse me, oh, with all of that, with all of that, David writes this incredibly deep penitent, sorrowful prayer. And I would just tell you, that when you've sinned, if you do, when it happens, then go to the Lord and repent. Go to the Lord and humble yourself. Go to the Lord and read Psalm 51 and realize where you're at and what God needs to do in your heart to get you where you need to go, alright?

Don't be afraid to come to God. This is the prayer book of someone who struggled with the Lord. This Psalms is the book that God wrote, say that God inspired to be written saying, this is what it's like when someone is brutally honest with me, and I love it. That's what God say, alright?

So, don't be afraid to be brutally honest with him. Confess your sins. Tell me what you're feeling. Get real with God. It'll deepen your prayer life, really will. God bless you. We'll see you tomorrow.

To get this valuable tool for training new Christians, you can check out this free 1 hour disciple making training called “How to Be 100% Ready to Disciple New Believers (And Multiply Disciple-Makers!)” that is coming up this week.

Darrell Stetler II is a pastor in Oklahoma City, and loves Jesus, disciple-making, his family, and Oreos (although not equally).

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