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New Christian Bible Reading Plan: Day 21 Transcript

The best New Christian Bible Reading Plan I’ve ever found is one that covers the highlights of the Bible in 50 days. It’s so important in making disciples in a small church, that you get people plugged into something that doesn’t get them stuck!

Here’s one of the disciple-making mentoring videos that I created to help a brand new Christian walk through the first 50 days of their walk with God. Below is the transcript of NewStart Discipleship :

New Start Discipleship Day 21

Hey there, welcome to New Start Discipleship, is a good day to be a follower of Jesus. And we are in Colossians 3 today. A beautiful, beautiful passage about the old life and the new life, and how do we work that out in ourselves and in our life? So, Paul opens up with some theology in this passage, he opens up with your position in Jesus' position, right?

So, he says,

“Since you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.”

So, he said, you’ve been raised with Jesus, that's your position. That's what's true about you, right? You've been raised from an old life to a new life. He says, since that's true, you've got to set your heart, set your, an old translation says your affections, right? Set your, your emotions, your way of feeling. The heart is like the seat of the emotions, right? It's the core of the affections. And I would just tell you, you got to choose where you're going to put in focus your affections, you've got to choose where you're going to put and focus your emotions.

Sometimes as a new Christian, we can come to the conclusion that we are victims of our emotions, and we can't help ourselves just like today, I'm grumped, I'm a grump today. And people like the whole Facebook is like, full of memes, right? Twitter and Instagram full of memes. Like, I'm just a victim, like, I can't do anything until I have coffee, and I can't, whatever. And I'll just tell you, here's the thing; your emotions are not something that happen to you, there’s something that happened through you, okay? So, emotions may come to you, as something that you initially didn't ask for, like you didn't ask to wake up on the wrong side of the bed today. But there is a measure in which you have a choice, or where you will set your attention and where you will set your values and where you will set the things that you love.

And so, set your mind on things above. He says, because you died, the old you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God, that's a deep phrase. But like you are, you are one with Jesus, he's within you and around you and your life is taken and integrated into the life and the one sole source of life in the universe, that is God.

So, since you are united with Christ, you've got some things you're going to have to do. And he starts with in Verse five,

“Put to death some things.”

Right? You gotta kill some things, you got to take them off and rid yourself of them and strip it off and be done with it. And he starts talking about things that belong to your earthly nature, right? There’re human desires, and human drives and things that we'll set, the devil will try to use them to fight against you. He will make you like, trying to make you a slave to them. And you used to be, right? You used to be a slave to those things. But your life has changed and it's not the same anymore. Your life is hidden with Christ and God, you're raised with Jesus, you get to set your affections and your mind on the things above and focus on the things where Jesus actually is.

So, he talks about putting away old ways of speaking, old ways of feeling anger, rage, malice, slander, filthy language, don't lie to each other. You've taken off the old self with its practices. And you've put on the new self, right? If you ever come in from work, and you were dirty and filthy and smelly and it's a bad business, right? And you go and you take off the old work clothes and you hop in the shower and you scrub clean and you come out smelling different. You don't put the same clothes right back on, right? You don't do it because you're like, what a waste? Like that'd be a total waste. You are clean, put on something clean, put on something new and the same kind of way, you got to strip off some old things. Jesus has washed you clean, don't put those things back on, right? That's what he's talking about, right? Now, beautiful, beautiful verse that he wraps up with, this is beautiful, listen to this verse 17;

“Whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

Okay? If you can't do it with Jesus there and say, I'm doing this in Jesus name. If you can't do it in that, don't do it at all, right? Put it all off.

“Whatever you do, do it with honor and glory to God and be thankful, giving thanks to God through him.”

So, let it change your work. Let it change your attitudes. Let it change your habits and your thought patterns. We'll see you tomorrow.

Darrell Stetler II makes clear discipleship plans possible for small church pastors. He writes about it at his blog on discipleship tools for small churches, and shares a weekly training on how to disciple new believers.

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