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New Christian BIble reading plan: Day 11 Transcript

The best New Christian Bible Reading Plan I’ve ever found is one that covers the highlights of the Bible in 50 days. It’s so important in making disciples in a small church, that you get people plugged into something that doesn’t get them stuck!

Here’s one of the disciple-making mentoring videos that I created to help a brand new Christian walk through the first 50 days of their walk with God. Below is the transcript of NewStart Discipleship Day 11:

New Start Discipleship Day 11

Hey, welcome to New Start Discipleship. So glad you're here today it is Acts 2, it's Day 11, alright? If you are in your notebook today with us pull it up and let's get going, alright? Acts 2 and so excited to be able to share this with you because here's what Jesus did. Alright, you notice that he is dead, he rose again and in Acts 1, the stories record of him going back to heaven. And he gave us a commission, a commission to go and spread the gospel to all places, to all people everywhere. And so, he goes back to heaven and Acts 1, but he said, I want you to wait in Jerusalem before you go do this great commission, I want you to wait in Jerusalem, he says to His disciples. Because something is coming to you that the Father has promised. And that promise is the promise of the Holy Spirit.

So, the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. We have God the Father who sent Jesus, we have Jesus who comes and dies, and that ascends back to heaven. And we have the Holy Spirit, who Jesus and the father send, to join us on this earth to live within us, and to empower us to accomplish the work, to purify our hearts and clean them, and to empower us to the work that God has for us.

So, the Holy Spirit is going to do a couple of significant things here. He's going to purify their hearts later, Peter looks back on this day in Acts 2, and he says,

“What happened there, was the Holy Spirit purified our hearts by faith.”

So, there's more than just the forgiveness of your sins, right? The problem is not just that you have act of sin, the problem is that you have selfishness within, right? I'm sure you've run into this already, you've had this nature inside you, that remains after salvation, and you're forgiven for sin, you know, you are but you find this selfishness still within you, the self-centered, self-sovereign thing within you like, I want my way. And it happens when you get in discussions with your spouse, or in heated moments of fellowship, all right, with your spouse, and you're like, Oh, I'm gonna have to deal with this, what in the world? I want my way. What is that? It is the nature where all those sins came from in the first place.

And so, Jesus has a way that we can conquer and overcome and cleanse that from our hearts. And so, in Acts 15, he points back at this day and says, that's what happened, the Holy Spirit purified our hearts by faith.

The second thing that's going to happen is empowerment, alright? So, he's going to empower these people to accomplish the work that he's sending them to, right? So, he's empowering them to go out and conquer and win and preach the gospel with courage to be the opposite of what they were before, right? Before they were scared; now they're born, before they were unfaithful; now they're faithful before they were self-centered. Now, they are Jesus-centered, or God-centered. So, if he's going to, if you're going to send the Holy Spirit, he's going to empower them to accomplish the work that God has for them, the work of spreading the good news. And so that's what's going to happen.

In this day, Peter stands up, he preaches a powerful message where he points back and says, remember what Joel promised about how God the Holy Spirit was going to God was going to pour out His Holy Spirit on all people. And I want you to notice verse 17, it says on all people, says

“...your sons and daughters will prophesy….”

So, notice this, that God is going to give, he is going to, set aside in his new kingdom, he's going to set aside the importance of the distinction between men and women. He's going to empower all of them in the same way to speak the word for God, alright? So, the word of prophecy, the big mouthpiece for a message from God is given to all people, men and women. And then it says,

“… your young men will see visions; your old men will dream dreams….”

So, he says, this power of the Holy Spirit is going to democratize, it's going to raise up and destroy the distinction between well, I gotta wait around until I'm 50 years old to get started. No, he says, I'm going to give to old and to young an equal access to God's power. Isn't that awesome? And then it says,

“On my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.”

In verse 21,

“… everyone who calls the name of the Lord will be saved.”

And so, a powerful moment where the Holy Spirit is poured out. So, he's coming to purify hearts, and empower for his purpose, alright? So, get those two things down, write down what you see, what you're seeing developing here, what things you notice and ask God to, to be a blessing and to purify your heart and empower you for the work that he has for you to do, to be full of him.

Darrell Stetler II makes clear discipleship plans possible for small church pastors. He writes about it at his blog on discipleship tools for small churches, and shares a weekly training on how to disciple new believers.

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