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Making Disciples in a Small Church: Transcript Day 45

What does it mean to make disciples effectively? A disciple is a follower of Christ, but it’s more than that. The idea of a “Christ-follower” has been diluted, in my opinion. It means someone who is a copier of Jesus – who tries to live exactly as Jesus would if he was you.

To help with that process, and create a better strategy for making disciples, Darrell Stetler has created the NewStart Discipleship program. If you’d like to get a free copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal AND a free copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal, you can click here to start your journey toward making disciples, even in a smaller church.

Here’s a transcript of one of the mentoring videos from the NewStart Discipleship Journal:

New Start Discipleship Day 45

Hey there day 45 of New Start Discipleship. What an exciting thing. We're five days away from the end of the Bible reading. And you are in the Minor Prophets. Now they're not minor because they're less important. They're minor because they're short. That's the word they use their lesser smaller writings by different prophets.

In the book of Jonah is where we're reading today and I dearly love the book of Jonah. Not just because of the amazing story about Jonah's running from God, His disobedience to the Lord. But the contrast the obedience of the whale, with the sin of Jonah, the disobedience of Jonah, right? Creation has obeyed the Lord but people have not. And you'll see that Jonah disobeyed and goes the opposite direction from where God called him to go. And God sent a storm, and everyone around Jonah winds up looking better than Jonah like that. He's the one who's not crying out to God.

And the idol worshipping sailors are, there crying out to God or any anyone who will listen. And so, they take Jonah, and rather than obey the Lord, God should have just said turn around, let's sail back where we're going. But instead, Jonah, it's almost like he chooses suicide. He says, throw me overboard and they do. So, they throw him over the top. And as they do, it's an incredible thing. God rescues Jonah, sends and back to the nation of Nineveh, which were not Jewish people. Jonah was prejudiced, he was a racist, he did not want God's people to have to share good news with the Ninevites.

The Ninevites, by the way, they were enemies of Israel, very possibly. Maybe they had killed people to Jonah knew, but they were enemies of Israel. And in God said, go and proclaim the good news of my forgiveness, the coming judgment of the good news of forgiveness to Nineveh. And Jonah goes, and he preaches, and a lot of people believe the whole city turns to the Lord. It's incredible, incredible revival and Nineveh, and Jonah gets mad about it. How crazy is that? He gets mad about it, because he didn't want them to be saved. He wanted them to find God's judgment. He wanted them to God judgment to be poured out of them. But instead, God decided to give the mercy, incredible, incredible.

So, God does do that. And he gives them mercy, and Jonah's awfully happy because this shady plant grows up over top of him. But then with the plant dies, God allows the plant to die. And Jonah gets mad because his personal comfort has been upset. He's more upset about that than he is about the other.

And so, I would just tell you tell you, let God dig around your heart here. And let you be glad in the grace of God that's offered to people who are not like you, right? Muslims and people from another race, another country and the people that are not Americans, Chinese people and people is so easy to get zoned in on what would make me most comfortable here in nice, safe, America, right? And forget that God has called us to reach out to every place in every language, every nation and every tongue. Wow.

So, let God dig around in here and say Lord, make me glad about your offer to bring salvation to all people. God bless you. See you tomorrow.

Darrell Stetler II blogs about discipleship in the small church, and talks about how to make disciples on his Youtube channel. He can be found on Twitter @darrellstetler2 and Facebook’s NewStart Disciple-Makers group.

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