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Introducing SermonSubscribe

I’m pleased to announce that our church is launching a new ministry that will serve churches without pastors, or busy bi-vocational pastors who need preaching support.

Introducing SermonSubscribe.

The Sermon Subscribe Story: 

In 2012, I (Darrell S.) sat talking with Darrell Underwood, a USAF Master Sergeant who was moving to Clovis, New Mexico to be stationed at Cannon Air Force Base.  He said, “While I’m in Clovis, I feel like God wants me to plant a church.  I’m just not sure what I will do if I am deployed overseas.”

As we discussed options, we talked about the current trend of “multi-site” churches.  We discussed video preaching, and became convinced that this was the path God was leading us toward.  Darrell Underwood was employed full-time with the Air Force as a process improvement specialist. We realized the video preaching I supplied would be a blessing to him as he labored to start what eventually was named Servant’s Heart Chapel in Clovis.

After preaching for a year for Servant’s Heart, I began to feel that there was more that could be done for some small churches that I knew.  Churches that:

  1. Had no pastor

  2. Had a sick pastor

  3. Had a bivocational (read: nearly burned out) pastor

  4. Had a pastor who had to be away for a time

And so was born SermonSubscribe.  For a small fee, we do the heavy lifting on preaching, making it as turnkey as possible to have quality biblical preaching in a local church.  Every week, we:

  1. Preach them live at my church in OKC.

  2. Record high definition video of the message.

  3. Edit and produce the video.

  4. Burn a DVD or upload the finished video to share.

  5. Print handouts, and ship it all to the subscriber church.

We do all this for $200/mo — a fraction of the cost of a special speaker each Sunday, or of hiring a 2nd staff member.

Our goal: To serve churches by providing quality biblical preaching by video.

Here’s a sample from a recent sermon series, “Redeeming Ruth.”

If you have questions about this service, you are welcome to give me a call or text at the number on this flier, contact me on Facebook, contact me on Twitter, or drop me an email.


Pastor Darrell is an “ideas” guy… one of the most prolific I have ever worked with. He has also been gifted by God with the ability to take the truths of Scripture and present them in a memorable and exciting way. I highly recommend SermonSubscribe! This ministry is helping to fill the gap of empty pulpits and spiritually starved congregations.       – Rev. Jonathan Heath, pastor & Youth Challenge director

Pastor Darrell Stetler II offered the solution of video sermons when I wondered what my church was going to do if I was called away to serve our country. It was an enormous success. The sermons were both timely and challenging to our people. They have also helped me meet the challenges I face as a bi-vocational pastor as they have allowed me to spend more time with the people of my community and my family.   – Rev. Darrell Underwood, Pastor (Clovis, NM) & USAF officer

If you are looking for Biblical, practical messages that will stimulate your mind and challenge you in your walk with God, the ministry of Darrell Stetler II will be that kind of ministry.   – Rev. Darrell Stetler, Sr., Pastor, Burlington, KY

If I I know anything about Darrell Stetler II it is this — he will preach the Word of God, the whole Word of God, and nothing but the Word of God. If I was going to be away from my pulpit, I would feel safe allowing Pastor Darrell to preach for me.         – Rev. Doug Eads, Pastor, Ada Chapel Bible Methodist Church

I would whole-heartedly recommend Darrell Stetler to any church in need of an interim ministry. Expect substantive, biblical, practical messages that will both challenge you and help you grow.   – Dr. Philip Brown, professor, God’s Bible School & College

“I watched the first DVD of the “Made” series, and it’s great!  You’re doing a really good work.” – David Gervais, church member, Trinity Bible Methodist Church, Alabama


What about you?  Do you know churches that could use this service?  Share your thoughts below!

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