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How to Make Disciples: NewStart Day 49

The best New Christian Bible Reading Plan I’ve ever found is one that covers the highlights of the Bible in 50 days. It’s so important in making disciples in a small church, that you get people plugged into something that doesn’t get them stuck!

Here’s one of the disciple-making mentoring videos that I created to help a brand new Christian walk through the first 50 days of their walk with God. Below is the transcript of NewStart Discipleship day 49:

New Start Discipleship Day 49

Hey, welcome to New start Discipleship. It is day number 49. We are almost done with this 50-day journey. And I'm so, so excited to share with you the day. There's an amazing book of the Bible that you're reading today. And it's a little longer you have eight chapters to read, but it's so, so important and a really cool story.

The Book of Esther, is named one of the few in the scripture named after a female. And it covers her life is kind of the primary focus of this. And it's a fascinating story, I don't have time in five minutes to break down everything for you. But she's one of the ones that is under kings Xerxes, in the captivity in the exile. And it's another story of the faithfulness of God, the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness of God's people in the face of exile.

So, while they're not in Jerusalem, while they're absent from the land that God had promised, how are they supposed to remain faithful, and this is a powerful story of courage and faithfulness by young woman and trying to do the best she can, in exile place.

Now, I want to give you the basic overall sketch. The Queen Vashti, the wife of Xerxes is banished and removed as the queen. And the king has the power to do whatever he wants. And he calls out for all the beautiful women and God in the kingdom that are single. And God allows him to choose Esther as his queen. The devil has always hated the idea that God was going to send His Son and bless all nations through the Jews. He's always hated that. And so consequently, there have always been those who would fight against the Jewish nation in these days, Satan is trying to hate and destroy and prevent the coming of the coming King, right? He knows God has prophesied what is coming, who is going to crush his head and defeat him. And he hates that, he hates God, and He hates the idea of God's victory.

So, he coordinates events to try to destroy the Jews and that happens here. There's a man who is descended from an ancient enemy of the Jews, Haman. And as he does that, as he is planning and plotting against the Jews, he makes it possible for them to be destroyed by political machinations, by political manipulations. He decides, he wants to create a way for the Jews to be destroyed and he does. And it comes where it is legal for them to for people to kill Jews on a certain day. And Esther hears of this, and she knows what's happening, she hears what's happening. And God uses her in a powerful, powerful way to stop that plot from happening.

And so, in that moment, there's so many amazing, amazing stories here. But Esther says, I can't go before the king. I can't do it. She says, if I go before the king without an invitation, I can be put to death. And Mordecai, her uncle says,

“Who knows, it may be that you have come to this kingdom for a moment like this.”

And she realizes her mission, even though it's dangerous and scary. She realizes this is the calling God has put on my life. I know it had to feel weird for Esther to live as kind of a queen, who's at the mercy and the summon, the beck and call of a wicked King.

But all of a sudden, she realizes this is my moment. This is what God has called me to, this is my time. And she steps up to it, she says, alright, you guys pray you fast and pray for three days. And I'll go to the king and beautiful thing she says,

“If I die, then I die.”

She surrenders herself to the knowledge that God has called her to risk something for him. And she steps out in faith and she does it. And God works it all out in a beautiful, beautiful way.

So today we'll read Esther 1 through 8. And most of the book actually and see the beautiful story of God's deliverance brought through a beautiful but humble female. And so, I just a gorgeous, gorgeous story here. God's hand is behind all of this in amazing way, God bless you. See you tomorrow.

Darrell Stetler II makes clear discipleship plans possible for small church pastors. He writes about it at his blog on discipleship tools for small churches, and shares a weekly training on how to disciple new believers.

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