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How to make Disciples: NewStart Day 37

If you are serious about learning how to disciple a new Christian, then you know that they need the Word of God explained in a clear way… and they need to not get lost in an unclear discipleship process. NewStart Discipleship helps to clarify your discipleship strategy by giving brand new Christians a clear discipleship pathway, and let’s your and your disciple-making church focus on being an encouragement.

Here’s the transcript from day 37 of the NewStart Discipleship Program:

New Start Discipleship Day 37

Hey welcome to New Start Discipleship, is Day Number 37. So glad you're here and we're going to look at I Kings 11 starting with verse 9, and following as we transition out of the reign of Solomon period of incredible wealth and blessing in Israel. And into a really kind of a dark chapter.

Solomon has a son but because of his lack of following the Lord, his son does not receive the kingdom in fact if you look in I kings 11:34 and following there's, actually 29 and following there's a prophet that comes to Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who was a, he was an official of Solomon’s but he became very influential and he rebelled against Solomon and a prophet comes to him and says I'm going to take away, God says here's the message I'm giving to you;

“I'm going to take away ten of the tribes from David's family and I'm going to give them to you, said but I’m going to leave two of the tribes with David's family because"

He says in verse 34;

“But I will not take the whole kingdom out of Solomon's hand or out of the family of the Solomon's hand. I have made him a ruler all the days of his life, for the sake of David, my servant whom I chose to obey my commands and decrees.”

Now I want you to notice something. I want you to notice the faithfulness of God in the face of people's foolish choices. You see that. Sometimes people get all crossways because they mess something up and they goofed up and made some bad choices in their life and they're like, oh no I'm done now, I've blown it and God's not going to care for me. He's not gonna love me. He's not going to keep his promises to me. And I would just tell you, that God's faithfulness is not dependent on how smart you've been. Which is really good news, right? You're not saved by the fact that you always do everything right, you're saved by faith in Jesus. And so, if you stumble, get up, move on. If you've messed up some stuff in your past, move forward with the expectation that God is going to be faithful to the promises that he made to Jesus and to you. And so, you get it you get up and keep moving forward.

And so, the second thing I wanted to bring out is that Jeroboam son of Nebat. God gave him this incredible gift of ten of the tribes of Israel and he puts them in his hand. And he says I'm going to let you be the ruler of these ten tribes. You're going to take over because of Solomon's disobedience. And he does, he does take over but something that if you read when you read through the rest of the Kings, the Book of Kings and Chronicles, you'll see this refrain keep coming back over and over again. Jeroboam went after other gods, and to prevent people from going to Jerusalem which was in the other two tribes that God left with Solomon's family. To prevent people from going to Jerusalem to worship and maybe kind of their loyalty being drawn away from Jeroboam. He set up some false gods and said these are the ones where you're going to worship. And over and over and over again in the next, the rest of these books about the kings, you see but he led this new king, rise up as a but he led them into the same sins as Jeroboam the son of Nebat and all the sin that he caused Israel to sin with.

And it's incredible, this guy must have been incredibly influential. And I would just tell you that for good or for evil, ancestry matters to God. And this pattern that gets set, gets followed by generations down the road. The scripture says;

“That sins of the fathers are visited on the children to the third fourth generation.”

In other words, we inherit tendencies from our parents to do and fall into certain patterns of thought and sin. Gratefully, it also works the other way, so my encouragement to you today is watch your influence. Jeroboam was handed this tremendous opportunity and he steered the clock card right over the cliff. And I would just tell you to watch your influence and be aware that behind you, are coming other generations. Behind you are coming others, who need to trust in the Lord. Be careful of your influence, you steward it well, take good care of it so that those who come behind you, might follow after the Lord wholeheartedly. You set a good example for them, you light, let the fire of the torch that burns in you, that you hold light the way for them, all right?

God bless you. Read about the dividing of the kingdom and how that all came about and we'll see tomorrow.

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Darrell Stetler II serves as a pastor at the Bible Methodist Church in Southwest Oklahoma City. He says, “I create discipleship tools for small church pastors, to make them feel as though they have a discipleship pastor on staff!” He can be tempted by Krispy Kreme donuts and a cold glass of milk. :)

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