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How to Disciple New Christians: NewStart Discipleship Day 16

Every day of a new Christian’s walk with Jesus, they need clear teaching and encouraging mentoring. In this post, I transcribe the teaching from the plan for discipling new Christians found at NewStart Discipleship. This helps give new Christians a clear new believer Bible reading plan, along with a set of new habits for new Christians.

Here’s the transcript from day 16:

New Start Discipleship Day 16

Hey, welcome to New Start Discipleship day 16. And we are in I Corinthians 13 today. Paul's writing this letter to a church in Corinth, which was a church that he started, he found and he planted. And when he started this letter, they were divided and frustrated with each other and bitter and like arguments inside the church. And he kind of starts correcting things and teaching them about Jesus.

And in a key moment, in this book, he comes to this place and he says, look, gifts and skills and abilities that God gives us are great. But there's an even higher and better thing than to use those gifts. And he goes into this passage, he says, I want to tell you about a more excellent, more excellent way, a higher way, something better than just showing off how well you can serve the Lord. Check this out in First Corinthians 13. And he says,

“Even if I was to speak in languages of men and angels, but if I didn't have love, I'm just a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal, a lot of noise, but empty, hollow echoey.”

And he talks about all the gifts I could have,

“If I had all this to know everything and understand all mysteries. If I had a faith that could move mountains, but did not have love, I have nothing.”

It's incredible, incredible idea. So, here's what I want to draw this for you, okay? As a Christian, you may be tempted to look around and say, when you see somebody else's gifts, or somebody else's skills, or somebody else's abilities or their way of serving God, you might be tempted to look around and envy them, or want to show them up a little bit somehow, and like, oh, I can be even better than that, or feel discouraged and depressed. Because you see, like, they're, you feel like they're up here, and I'm way down here.

And I want to tell you that the deepest and highest way that God has for you, is that you would trust in him and love people; you would love God and love people. There's nothing else in the world that sums up the Christian life better than loving God and loving people with all of your heart. This is why Jesus said it's consistent with what Christ said. He said,

“The highest, greatest commandment in all the scriptures is Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.”

And it said in the second one is like it;

“Love your neighbor, as you love yourself.”

What's he talking about? He's talking about what we're reading in I Corinthians 13. He's talking about, Paul goes into this beautiful poetic description of love. It's patience, it is kind, is not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. So here's what I want you to say to like, like pray over this in hunger, hunger, to have God's love completed in your heart, to have it mature in full, in all of its beauty and all of its patients and all of its kindness, and all of its humility, and all of its serving ability. Pray for that, hunger for that, long for that. If you get this right, it won't matter what else you get right. The other thing is not gonna matter so much, what you get wrong, if you can get this one right, okay? You love God, you love people and don't worry about the rest of it too much, all right? Be patient with the rest of us because love will soak down in all the cracks and fill in all the gaps and make you exactly what you want to be.

Today, I'm going to go a little under five minutes because yesterday I went over, okay? So, God bless you. I'm excited to see what God does in your heart, in your life. As you put this chapter into practice. See you tomorrow.

To get this valuable tool for training new Christians, you can check out this free 1 hour disciple making training called “How to Be 100% Ready to Disciple New Believers (And Multiply Disciple-Makers!)” that is coming up this week.

Darrell Stetler II is a pastor in Oklahoma City, and loves Jesus, disciple-making, his family, and Oreos (although not equally).

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