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How to Disciple New Christians: NewStart Day 36

Many smaller churches have no clear discipleship strategy. A few years ago, I got tired of winging it every time a new person needed to be discipled. I developed a tool that can help, the NewStart Discipleship Journal, and started using it where I pastor, in Southwest OKC’s Bible Methodist Church.

It did help! For the first time, I feel like I have a discipleship plan that can really multiply disciple-makers in my church. As a small church pastor, I know this is a big deal.

If you’re interested in how I did it, you can register for my free 1 hour webinar on “How Even Small Churches Can be 100% Ready to Disciple New Christians (And multiply Disciple-Makers!).”

Here’s a teaching transcript from the first discipleship video from day 36:

New Start Discipleship Day 36

Hey welcome to New Start Discipleship. It’s day 36 and we are in today, the reign of Solomon in II King 2 and 3 and 6 and 11. Now in the book of I Kings and II Kings and I and II Chronicles, you get into the history of the Kings of Israel. And it really kind of goes back into a very up and down, sometimes doing well sometimes not doing well journey, that the people of God that are on. And so, as you go into that it's just it's kind of good to remember you're gonna see a lot of names, some of them you have never heard before because they're not well-known Kings at all.

And the main thing that I want you to notice as we go into this next season, this next part of the up and down as part of God's of God's people's history is that God is incredibly faithful even when his people have done poorly and even when their leaders have done poorly and I think that's a great encouragement to me.

But I Kings 2 and 3 you read the story of Solomon's beginning when he takes over from David. So, David gives a charge to Solomon and then Solomon solidifies his hold on the throne by grabbing hold of with his wisdom, grabbing hold of the reigns of the kingdom in a time where obviously there's been in David's life some challenges in the last part of his life and so people rise up try to overthrow David. And so, Solomon grabs a hold of it and God gives him wisdom, he establishes the kingdom in his hand.

In fact in I Kings 3, you're going to read the story of Solomon, asking God for wisdom and it's a very well-known story and the Kings in the stories of the kings of Israel and God says to Solomon what do you want me to do for you and Solomon says I want wisdom and God is so impressed that he said he said I want you to, in verse 7, He says;

“I'm only a little child and I don't know how to carry out my duties.”

And he said I'm here and it's a huge blood can you imagine a load of being all of a sudden being responsible for all of that and he says, verse 9;

“Give your servant a deserving heart to govern your people into distinguish between right and wrong for who is able to govern this great people and the Lord is so pleased and so impressed with Solomon's request”

That He gives him what he asked for and then along with it gives him a bunch of things he doesn't ask for.

Now in the idea of wisdom is very interesting the scripture in the New Testament talks about that Christ is the wisdom for us from God and when we ask for a whole bunch of other things, sometimes we get maybe what we want from the Lord but when we ask for Christ, when we ask for him the wisdom from God, He gives us along with him so many other things and that's a great, a great joy to remember.

So, God gives him many things that he asked for and then it gives like examples of Solomon's wise rulings that he makes. He talks about how he's going to build the temple, how he builds the temple and then in chapter 11 the final story from the book from Solomon's life specifically is very interesting because it talks about how he makes some significant mistakes. He marries many wives.

Now these days of polygamy multiple wives was not a thing that was uncommon perhaps so Solomon allowed the world and the world's way of thinking to influence him instead of God's voice to influence him. In fact, he probably didn't stay as close in all of his wisdom and his intelligence, he didn't stay as close to God's word as he really should have.

And so, he multiplied his wives and they turned his heart away toward other gods. And it's a very, very sad situation and I'll just tell you don't let a good start go to waste by the way you finish, alright? A lot of people believe Solomon wrote, collected the book of Proverbs so when he wrote other ones he collected. He also wrote the book of Ecclesiastes which was not on your reading list today in this program. But you'll eventually, you'll go back and read it and I think Solomon wrote it later in his life as kind of a repentance to turn his heart back to the Lord.

So, Solomon becomes a very powerful, very mighty exchange extremely wealthy and God establishes the kingdom in his hands. But he turns his heart away from the Lord and the late in life. And so, you're going to see the results of that as we go forward to the rest of the stories of the Kings tomorrow. See you then.

My name is Darrell Stetler, and I create discipleship tools to help small church pastors finally learn what it means to make disciples, not just collect attenders!

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