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How to Disciple New Christains: NewStart Day 12

What does it mean to make disciples effectively? A disciple is a follower of Christ, but it’s more than that. The idea of a “Christ-follower” has been diluted, in my opinion. It means someone who is a copier of Jesus – who tries to live exactly as Jesus would if he was you.

To help with that process, and create a better strategy for making disciples, Darrell Stetler has created the NewStart Discipleship program. If you’d like to get a free copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal AND a free copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal, you can click here to start your journey toward making disciples, even in a smaller church.

Here’s a transcript of one of the mentoring videos from the NewStart Discipleship Journal:

New Start Discipleship Day 12

Hey, welcome to New Start Discipleship. So glad you're here, you are on a whirlwind trip through the Bible. We're doing the highlight reel of everything that God is saying in the stories of God's redemptive work in history. And so, grab a hold of your notebook. If you don't have one, go to the website, get it downloaded and we will jump in together to make this thing go.

In Acts 9 is where we are today. So, you remember last week, Jesus dies, He rises again from the dead, He ascends back to heaven, and sends the Holy Spirit to purify the hearts of his people and empower them for the work. And in Acts 9, there's a guy named Saul, and Saul is fighting against the church with everything he has, he is going nuts on taking, trying to take the church down. He takes men or women; he puts them in prison. He's threatening them, in fact, in Acts 7, a couple of chapters ago, he actually presides over and organizes the murder of the martyrdom of one of God's men. In Acts 7, a man named Steven.

So, Saul is going along, he's riding his donkey along. And as he's on his way to imprison more Christians, as this Christianity has started spreading from place to place. He's going to try to take a bunch more Christians and put them in jail. And Jesus appears to him, Jesus Himself. Jesus appears, knocks him off of his donkey blinds him with a light from heaven and He says to him,

“Why Saul, why are you persecuting me? And he says, who are you, Lord?”

[Κύριε greek word 01:58], in Greek, sir (a title of respect), because that's what you do. When somebody blinds you and knocks you off of your donkey. You call them sir, with respect, you know. And so, Paul -- oh sorry, Saul – is saying, what do I need to do? What do I need to do? And Jesus says, go into get up and go into the city of Damascus and wait there, I'm going to send somebody to talk to you. So, he sends Ananias. Ananias witnesses to him, he lays hands on him. Saul gets his eyesight back. But in the process, he has become a Christian. And he gets up, he gets baptized and the Jews are still scared to death of him.

I want you to notice a neat story in verse 26 of Acts 9, okay? He tried to join the disciples, but they were all afraid of him, right? Because it's it's as if, Osama Bin Laden walks into your church service, everybody's thinking, why are you here, right? What are you doing here? They're thinking, I know who you are, and I know what you've done. And they're all scared of him, not believing he really was discipled. But look at it in verse 27;

“Barnabas took him and brought him to the apostles.”

Aren't you glad for people who are mentors, right? People who come alongside you and put their arm around you like, I believe you got what it takes, I believe God's really work and your life. I think it's for real. I think it's for real what Jesus is doing in you. And you gotta find a mentor, okay? I keep beating on this in your notebook, I keep beating on it. Because it is valuable. Christianity is not an alone relationship between you and Jesus. It is the relationship between Jesus and His people and you're one of those. It is a team sport, you are not called just to believe, you are called to belong, right? This is very, very important. And Barnabas takes Paul and helps him get the leap across that gap. Because all the Christians were scared to death of him, he helps him get that across that gap. Barnabas has got his arm around Saul or later became known as Paul; I keep saying that. He's got his arm round Saul and he's like, I think you're gonna make it.

You need to go find yourself a mentor, all right? If you don't have one yet, you need to, if you've kind of drifted away from being in contact with yours, maybe you had somebody who gave you this book at first, and you've made it this far, you need to go get in touch with him and you need to reach out to them. You need to offer to buy their lunch, offer to buy their coffee and like, hey, I'd like to sit down with you and talk about this, what God's doing in my life right now. Can we meet on a regular basis and maybe I can text you every day? Ask them if they'll text you, all right? Whatever it takes to get together with a mentor who can walk through this with you, okay?

Then in Acts 16 -19, we're going to see some of Paul's ministry. He changes his name to Paul, because it was like his Greek name that was like Hebrew name is Saul, Greek name's Paul. And he changes it because he goes and starts working and preaching among the Greeks, all right? As a missionary out through the world, God does amazing things to this guy's life. And so, I can't wait for you to read about it.

A little bit longer scripture reading today; Acts 9: 16-19 Let's get started. God bless you.

Darrell Stetler II blogs about discipleship in the small church, and talks about how to make disciples on his Youtube channel. He can be found on Twitter @darrellstetler2 and Facebook’s NewStart Disciple-Makers group.

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