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How to Build a Killer Guest Follow-Up System – before Christmas!

Below, you can watch my free webinar! 

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  1. 7 specific action steps you can take to create a great guest follow up system

  2. how my failure in a key outreach event changed our guest followup forever

  3. ideas for giving gifts to guests

  4. how to effectively collect info from first time guests

  5. how to consistently stay in touch with people for the first few weeks they attend

  6. tips for convincing your congregation to start a guest followup system

  7. how to help people see your church as friendly

  8. how to do all this without significantly increasing your work load!

A special bonus, just for Showing Up, is this 31 question resource, “31 Questions About Getting Ready for Company” that will help you evaluate if your church is ready to welcome new people.

Getting Ready for Company - 31 QUESTIONS HANDOUT 2

Just for staying to the end, you’ll get this Christmas Sermon Series Package called “From God To You.”  It has four sermons, ready to preach, including handouts, and a powerpoint template if you’d like to use Powerpoint:

Christmas Sermon Series Packaging

Find out how you can get these resources and special bonuses:

Getting Ready for Guests Sermon Series promo graphic copy
Guest followup package graphic - with logo

The webinar has ended, but you can watch it here:

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