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Discipling New Christians: NewStart Day 28

Every day of a new Christian’s walk with Jesus, they need clear teaching and encouraging mentoring. In this post, I transcribe the teaching from the plan for discipling new Christians found at NewStart Discipleship. This helps give new Christians a clear new believer Bible reading plan, along with a set of new habits for new Christians.

Here’s the transcript from day 28:

New Start Discipleship Day 28

Hey, welcome back Genesis, I'm sorry, day 28. New start discipleship or in Genesis 24 and 25. Today we're in the story of Isaac and Rebecca. So, Isaac is Abraham's son, the son of promise, right, the son of Abraham's faith.

And so, God gave Abraham a son, Isaac, and we're going to read his story in Genesis 24. And the story of him going and pursuing and finding a wife, and a really interesting, fascinating cultural story there. And how God guided and directed the servant of Abraham. Then in Genesis 25, we read about the death of Abraham. So, Abraham dies, and now Isaac is on his own to relate to this God who has made promises to his father.

And so, Isaac stays faithful to the Lord. But then we get into the next story, the next person, Isaac has two sons, Jacob and Esau. And God sovereignly says, instead of being, instead of choosing to pass on the line, through the oldest to the line of the promise through the oldest son, I'm going to pass on the line of promise through the younger son, Jacob and Esau were twins, but Esau was born first.

And so, the promise, God says, I have chosen to pass on my promise, through Jacob and not through Esau now this reveals God's sovereignty, that he chooses whatever pathway he wishes for his blessing. Now, that doesn't mean that God chooses to take Jacob to heaven and chooses to send Isaac, I'm sorry, Jacob to heaven, and Esau to hell. What it means is that, when God says, this is the way I want to bless, that we have to accept that if God says, rather than you doing right, and you getting to earn your place in heaven, I want to grant that to you kindly by faith, then we just have to accept that that is true. And we have to receive that blessing from the Lord.

And so, then we're going to get to Isaiah, I'm sorry, we get to get to Jacob's story in chapter 32, and chapter 33, of Genesis. And I know we're running through some way faster and longer readings here, stick with it, okay? These are powerful and amazing stories.

In the story of Jacob, here's one of the things I want you to notice Jacob was the son of promise. But he had a lot of issues, right? He was kind of deceptive. He was a deceiver and a liar and a one who would manipulate and twist things for his own, his own good, and his own advantage. What are we supposed to say about that?

Well, here's the thing. I know Jacob made a lot of mistakes. And some of them, you'll read about. But there was something that that said, Jacob kind of set Jacob apart in this, in this situation. That is this, if you when you read that Jacob in chapter 32, he wrestled with God. Jacob had a heart that said, I want God's blessing upon my life. I want that, I need that. And he wrestled with the Lord. And I would just say that in your life in my life, we may have regrets of things that we did. But if we will wrestle with God and say, I need you, I want your salvation, I want your blessing. I know that I'm struggling with you right now. And I'm wrestling through what you want me to do. But if we allow God, if we allow God, to take our hearts and form them, and break them away from the idols of this world, and break them away from self, and change our nature, God will do for us what he did for Jacob, and that is, he will not be ashamed to be called our God.

One of the things that you'll see all the way through this book, when you read it is that, God reveals himself, he says, I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And it'd be one thing if we were like, okay, so God's the God of Abraham, He's the God of men that have faith and trust God, in difficult impossible circumstances, fine.

And then we look at Isaac, and Isaac was a very peacemaking sort of man, kind and gracious, man. Okay, so we see that, but God's got Jacob, what about that, right? Like, what about the God of, is he the God of the guy who didn't get it? All right, and he really mess some stuff up and had some real issues and was strong willed and deceptive. Yeah. God's a God, that kind of guy too. If we will wrestle with the Lord and allow our hearts to be conquered by Jesus. Then God's not ashamed to be called your God either. You may have messed some stuff up in the past and maybe even in this 25 days or 26 days, 28 days, that we have you done so far, maybe you feel like it's coming back on you. God is not ashamed to be called your God if you'll trust in him? God bless you. See you tomorrow.

To get this valuable tool for training new Christians, you can check out this free 1 hour disciple making training called “How to Be 100% Ready to Disciple New Believers (And Multiply Disciple-Makers!)” that is coming up this week.

Darrell Stetler II is a pastor in Oklahoma City, and loves Jesus, disciple-making, his family, and Oreos (although not equally).

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