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Discipling New Christians: Day 34 Transcript

Every day of a new Christian’s walk with Jesus, they need clear teaching and encouraging mentoring. In this post, I transcribe the teaching from the plan for discipling new Christians found at NewStart Discipleship. This helps give new Christians a clear new believer Bible reading plan, along with a set of new habits for new Christians.

Here’s the transcript from day 34:

New Start Discipleship Day 34

Hey welcome back to New Start Discipleship day 34. We are today in a big transition in the story of God's people and how he prepared the world for the entrance of his son Jesus. And so, in I Samuel seven through nine and 15 through 17, we have the story of a big transition.

So, after god's people come out of Egypt they're led by Moses they're led by a nother man named Joshua, Moses assistant and then after that it's a series of kind of judges, as there's no one visible person who's in charge the people are supposed to be following God but they wind up not and that always causes a problem. And so, god will raise up a prophet to speak for him and the people will repent for a time and then go up and down up and down, like we talked about yesterday.

So, now finally the people come to Samuel who was a the last of the judges and the first of the prophets who served under kings. And so, they say we want to king we want to be like other nations we want to king. There's a couple of reasons why this is a problem that Samuel like really grieves over this and he grieves over it because God's people were turning to a human and political solution for their spiritual problem, right? They had a wandering heart and they thought that politics would help them to be able to not have a wandering heart. And the problem is that that's not really true there's no human institution of power that can fix the problem of the human heart, what we need is a savior that can change us from within, a king that can reign within instead of just a political power structure that pushes that comes to us and gives us security meaning and something to follow.

So, Samuel is really, really grieved by this and I would just tell you that in your life I would encourage you to trust in god and if you the more you believe and trust in God the more you obey him the more that he sets you free to be the person you ought to be. And so, I think it's always important that Christians not get too trusting in human political power institutions all right?

Now, in the life of Saul we have several it’s kind of gives us a reason one of the reasons why the king thing was not such a good idea. And it gives us a warning for a personal spiritual life as well, because Saul starts off really well like god chooses him and he starts off really well he's an impressive individual he's physically intimidating and powerful and takes command pretty well. But his heart turns out to not be fully committed to the lord and he doesn't stay careful in his obedience and then he kind of starts having to cover it up with some dishonesty and some misleading statements and he doesn't fully obey the Lord and God rejects Saul from being the king.

And so, I would just might my challenge to you would be to learn from the life of Saul and say, Lord don't give me a heart like Saul don't let me have a heart that is partial in my obedience or is doesn't really fully follow the lord and doesn't really follow all the way to the end and stay careful about obedience, instead give me a heart that's different than that. And so, the rise and the fall of Saul is a very fascinating story in the book of Samuel written about Samuel the prophet.

And so, I want to tell you that in the next big transition you got to understand this so you understand David who's the next king that we're going to talk about next time. And so, today I hope that I hope that god uses this to increase your determination not to just start well, right like so not just start well but to finish well as well. And so, let's work toward that together and we'll see you tomorrow.

To get this valuable tool for training new Christians, you can check out this free 1 hour disciple making training called “How to Be 100% Ready to Disciple New Believers (And Multiply Disciple-Makers!)” that is coming up this week.

Darrell Stetler II is a pastor in Oklahoma City, and loves Jesus, disciple-making, his family, and Oreos (although not equally).

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