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Discipleship Training Tool: Day 47 Transcript

If you are serious about learning how to disciple a new Christian, then you know that they need the Word of God explained in a clear way… and they need to not get lost in an unclear discipleship process. NewStart Discipleship helps to clarify your discipleship strategy by giving brand new Christians a clear discipleship pathway, and let’s your and your disciple-making church focus on being an encouragement.

Here’s the transcript from day 47 of the NewStart Discipleship Program:

New Start Discipleship Day 47

Hey, it's day 47 of the New Start discipleship. I can't give my words to come out with a New Start Discipleship day 47. And we're starting in Daniel 4 through 6, we're continuing the story of Daniel. He's one of the Minor Prophets dragged away to Babylon, in exile, not where God's people have been promised to live. And so, he is far away. But being faithful in this story is going to take it up to another level. Last week, we saw the faithfulness of the three young Hebrew men of Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego. And this week, we're going to see the same opportunity for Daniel, to be faithful.

However, I want to point out that there's some real of, some interesting things that happen. It shows in this moment that God is powerful that he is sovereign. And we see in Daniel 4, Nebuchadnezzar, the king has a dream, Daniel interprets that dream for him. And in that process, the dream is fulfilled, there's a that God takes Nebuchadnezzar, this powerful mighty king, and humbles him, and lowers him and makes him, he loses his mind, and becomes crazy in raving lunatic. And it happens to him, and then he acknowledges that God is God, and He is not. And that's incredible, that story is just remarkable, remarkable story of God's sovereign hand over the kings of this universe.

And I want to tell you that in everything that we, as people do, it's really tempting for us to become arrogant. To become arrogant about what we have made and what we have built, what we're a part of, whether that's our nation, or our home, or anything else, we exalt ourselves, and feel self-sufficient.

Don't do it. Humble yourself before God, so that you might not be humbled, okay? We have two choices in this world. Either we will humble ourselves, or we will be humbled by God. And I would just tell you humble yourself before God, because the scripture says that;

“God resists the proud, but it gives grace to the humble.”

And so, you humble yourself before God and recognize that everything I have, and everything America has, and everything my city has, everything is from God's hand, nothing is accomplished for me by my own will, my own skill, my own arm, and my own wisdom and ability. If you recognize that and you humble yourself before God, God is pleased and he gives grace to that person. And so that's a powerful, powerful thing.

And then there's another king who doesn't humble himself, even though his name is Belshazzar. And even though he knew everything that happened to Nebuchadnezzar, he did not humble himself. And God in Daniel 5, God brings an incredible, incredible judgment upon him and his kingdom falls. And it's very interesting historically, when the kingdom of Babylon falls. There was such a party on one particular night, that the watchman and the gates were left open. And literally in one night, boom, the kingdom falls and Belshazzar is killed. And Darius the maid, takes over and so the Babylon Kingdom falls in the Persian Kingdom rises, but God's people still have the opportunity to stay faithful, alright?

This is an amazing thing, like God has promised that Babylon would fall in it did in one day, all of a sudden, it goes from Babylonian kingdom, to Persian king. Wow. And God's people are still there. What are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to respond? We stay faithful to the Lord and try to find a way to glorify Him and honor Him in the midst of all that.

Daniel does that and so he winds up in the court now of Darius. And as he is serving there, there's a situation he gets thrown into a den of lions and that story, powerful, powerful story of God's protection and grace in the middle of a hard time.

So, let these stories just kind of soak into you in some ways, we are God's people, not in the kingdom where we are headed to the final version of the kingdom, right so we are in exile in a certain way. We are not in our final version. We're not in the final kingdom, right in some ways. We are under an earthly kingdom for right now. Let's be faithful. Let's trust God. Let's live as exiles and glorify the name of Jesus and lift up the name of the coming King, alright? God bless you. See you tomorrow.

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Darrell Stetler II serves as a pastor at the Bible Methodist Church in Southwest Oklahoma City. He says, “I create discipleship tools for small church pastors, to make them feel as though they have a discipleship pastor on staff!” He can be tempted by Krispy Kreme donuts and a cold glass of milk. :)

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