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Discipleship Tools for Small Churches: NewStart Day 10

What does it mean to make disciples effectively? A disciple is a follower of Christ, but it’s more than that. The idea of a “Christ-follower” has been diluted, in my opinion. It means someone who is a copier of Jesus – who tries to live exactly as Jesus would if he was you.

To help with that process, and create a better strategy for making disciples, Darrell Stetler has created the NewStart Discipleship program. If you’d like to get a free copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal AND a free copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal, you can click here to start your journey toward making disciples, even in a smaller church.

Here’s a transcript of one of the mentoring videos from the NewStart Discipleship Journal:

New Start Discipleship Day 10

Hey, welcome back to New Start Discipleship, today it's a great day. Actually, it's Day 10; we're in Luke 24. And this is the day that it's all about as a Christian, this is the day, Easter Sunday, on this day, the day that we base our entire faith upon. The event is; Jesus has been tried, He has been crucified, they saw Him die, they wrapped up His body, they put in a tomb, they rolled the tomb in those stone in the way to close the tomb. And on the third day, Jesus Christ walked out of the tomb.

Now there's all kinds of reasons behind this, why it's important for you to believe it, let me give you five, okay? H E A R T; it's going to give you an acronym for five things that Horrible Death, Jesus died, right? He really did die, professional Roman executioners brutally murdered the Son of God, on a cross. There's no like Jesus fainted. No, these guys knew what they were doing. They nailed Him there, He was there for hours. When they came to him; they said, oh, it's after six hours. He had that hanging there. They were surprised; they're like, oh, he's already dead. Normally, crucifixion victims last a little longer than that. He's already dead. So, they jabbed him with a spear up into his heart to be sure that he was dead, all right? These are professional guys. He died a horrible death.

The second one was, there was an Empty Tomb, right? There was an empty tomb. Everybody agreed Romans, Jews, Christians, all of them agreed, the tomb was empty, right? The tomb was clearly empty, somebody said it was the wrong tomb. No, one of these guys owns the tomb, right? Some of them were there when they put him in the tomb. There wasn't the wrong tomb. If the tomb was empty.

The next one is an A, H E A. The Appearances after the resurrection, you're actually going to see some of those in Luke 20, and John 20, and Luke 24. Today, in today's reading appearances, after the resurrection, they were very, real, literal, not like, a long way away, fuzzy picture somewhere. Now, these are real appearances, Jesus actually was there, he ate fish with them, he said, “guys I’m going to give you some fish”. And he, like, he ate in front of them. So, to convince them that He was real. Okay, so appearances after the resurrection, He appeared to like over 500 people.

The R is the Record of women as the first witnesses. In those days, women were not even allowed to serve as witnesses in court cases. So, a woman would have never been allowed, like, if you were making up a conspiracy, nobody would have been like also, we make it about the, let's say the women were the first ones to see him and find the empty tomb. Nobody would have said this. The only reason that's in there, is because it's true. Like that's what actually happened and they wrote it down.

And the last one is the Transformation of the disciples. They went from scared half to death, to on fire for Jesus, right? They went from running away to standing up in front of people and saying, Jesus is alive and the rest of their life, they live that way, they even died for what they believed. They were tortured, they were hung upside down, and crucified upside down. They were beaten, they were shot with arrows. They were all kinds of things and they never gave up preaching; Jesus is alive. There's only one conclusion to come to. He rose from the dead, all right? Your faith rests on a solid foundation.

So, read Luke 24, read John 10, and write down what you notice, any questions you have, write those down, get with your mentor. Thanks for being a part of this. Let's keep going on this journey.

Darrell Stetler II blogs about discipleship in the small church, and talks about how to make disciples on his Youtube channel. He can be found on Twitter @darrellstetler2 and Facebook’s NewStart Disciple-Makers group.

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