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Discipleship Bible Reading Plan: Transcript of NewStart Day 38

Many smaller churches have no clear discipleship strategy. A few years ago, I got tired of winging it every time a new person needed to be discipled. I developed a tool that can help, the NewStart Discipleship Journal, and started using it where I pastor, in Southwest OKC’s Bible Methodist Church.

It did help! For the first time, I feel like I have a discipleship plan that can really multiply disciple-makers in my church. As a small church pastor, I know this is a big deal.

If you’re interested in how I did it, you can register for my free 1 hour webinar on “How Even Small Churches Can be 100% Ready to Disciple New Christians (And multiply Disciple-Makers!).”

Here’s a teaching transcript from the video for day 38:

New Start Discipleship Day 38

Hey, welcome to New Start Discipleship. It is day 38 and we are in the stories of the Kings of Israel but today the reading in I Kings 17-19 and II Kings 2 and 4. The readings are not going to focus on the kings so much because the kings frankly a lot of them are not any good. After Jeroboam, son of Nebat, set up the wicked idols that drew people away from the Lord and the kingdom was divided. God was faithful to send prophets to try to confront the kings. There were some that turned their heart away from the Lord and wandered into sin and led the people there. And there were others who listened to the prophets, sought the Lord and turned their hearts and the people back toward righteousness.

However, this reading today kind of focuses on two of those prophets specifically one of the great names in the prophets of the Old Testament is Elijah. Now we're going to go into prophets later on that were writing prophets. These guys specifically were non-writing prophets. At least we have nothing of their writings. I'm sure they wrote something but they don't, we don't have any of those. And so, these things are written stories about them that have been passed down. And so the prophets specifically Elijah and Elisha, the first reading in I King 17-19 is a marvelous story about how king Ahab who was very wicked, he had led the people into great sin and God sent Elijah the prophet to confront him and God caused a drought to come into the land and to cause great hardship for the people because they had fallen away and walked away from God. And so, Elijah announces this and then he has to live on the dodge, you know, running from the king, hiding from the king. And how God took care of him during that time feeding him by ravens, bringing him food and just some really fabulous famous stories about Elijah.

And then in chapter 18, Elijah and the prophets of Baal, a false god, meet on Mount Carmel to have like, a contest. And it's a really, really amazing story about how God answered prayer. The prophets of Baal the false god, they cry out to god all day and god sends no fire, their god, they call it Baal, all day of their false god, Baal sends no fire on the altar that they've built. And then Elijah looks up and prays a very short prayer, it's like 60 something words in English. And he looks up and prays a short prayer to God and God answers by fire and the people turn their hearts back to the Lord. They realize that He's the true and living God.

And then in I and II Kings 2 and 4, you're going to read Elisha. Elijah is one prophet and his successor the guy who followed him was Elisha, okay? And so, Elisha asks when he is the assistant to Elijah, he asks that when Elijah is taken to heaven, he says I want a double portion of the spirit that is on you. And so, God gives him a great, powerful ministry as a prophet. In fact, there are about twice as many miracles recorded that Elisha did as Elijah. And so fascinating guys, here's what I want you to draw out of it partly, okay? These were guys that had to be incredibly bold and courageous to speak truth to power. They had to be willing to look the most powerful men in the world, in their world at that time, in the eye and say you're wrong, you've sinned. God is displeased with you and you need to repent and turn back to him and you'll find that he's merciful. They had to have the guts courage to be able to do that and the reason they had it was because of the power of the Holy Spirit that rested upon them.

I want to encourage you to have the courage, to have the guts to be able to go and say whatever you need to say and trust that God will take care of you as well, all right? Okay, see you guys tomorrow.

My name is Darrell Stetler, and I create discipleship tools to help small church pastors finally learn what it means to make disciples, not just collect attenders!

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