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Clear Discipleship Strategy: Newstart Day 30 Transcript

Many smaller churches have no clear discipleship strategy. A few years ago, I got tired of winging it every time a new person needed to be discipled. I developed a tool that can help, the NewStart Discipleship Journal, and started using it where I pastor, in Southwest OKC’s Bible Methodist Church.

It did help! For the first time, I feel like I have a discipleship plan that can really multiply disciple-makers in my church. As a small church pastor, I know this is a big deal.

If you’re interested in how I did it, you can register for my free 1 hour webinar on “How Even Small Churches Can be 100% Ready to Disciple New Christians (And multiply Disciple-Makers!).”

Here’s a teaching transcript from the first discipleship video from day 30:

New Start Discipleship Day 30

Hey there, New Start Discipleship, day number 30. We are in Exodus 1-6 today, and an amazing story about a huge, huge character. His shadow looms large over the rest of the old testament all right and his name is Moses. So, here's the story where we're in the big picture of it, right? God chooses Abraham reveals himself to him and Abraham believed God. God says I'm going to make you a father of people like the stars of heaven, the sand on the seashore. Abraham has a son named Jacob named Isaac. Isaac has a son named Jacob. Jacob has Joseph and his brothers, so the 12 tribes of Israel are forming by the way Jacob's name at one point was changed in Israel which I forgot to mention so you'll see that name frequently as going forward. So, Jacob's name has changed Israel, and Israel's 12 sons, 12 tribes were formed at that time through his generation, the generation following him.

Joseph goes down to Egypt and then there's this huge famine and Jacob and his sons leave and travel down to Egypt to get food because Jacob gave Joseph wisdom to put it all together, right? And he saves their lives by them going to a place that has food. Now they stay down there because Joseph can take care of them and watch over them during this difficult time of famine. And while they are there in Egypt, they stay and they begin multiplying. Now a Pharaoh rises up later on who did not know about Joseph and what he had done for Egypt and he begins to notice that these Israelites, these Jews, these descendants of Jacob are multiplying rapidly and they're becoming powerful people. And as he notices this, they are so blessed by God he gets worried and he sets over them. He basically conscripts them as slave labor. And so, he brings them in as slave labor. They continue to multiply. And they are slaves in Egypt for 430 years. A very long-time, generations longer than the existence of the United States of America, the country we live in, right? We've only lived in existence for something a little over 200 years. And the Israelites have been slaves in Egypt for 400 years. And then there's a guy named Moses, alright?

So, Moses is born and he becomes adopted through a miraculous set of circumstances. He becomes adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh and so as he is adopted and it's kind of a prince in Egypt, a well-connected guy in Egypt, as he grows up, we wind up with a real, real problem because Moses realizes that he is Jewish. And he renounces a certain point, his Egyptian’s right his Egyptian family and he begins to identify more and more with the oppressed and enslaved Israelites. Through a stern circumstance I won't describe he goes away when he's 40 years old he goes away, and is driven from Egypt and then winds up as a shepherd on the backside of the desert way out in Midian. And he was a shepherd for decades, gets married and winds up getting called by God and incredible, incredible scene. And in Exodus 3, he is called by God. And God reveals himself to Moses in a burning bush, so He's Fire. God reveals Himself as fire and He also reveals himself as a very important, a very important thing that's going to pop up many times in the future of this the rest of them the old testament. Verse 14 of Exodus, God said to Moses;


This is what you are saying to Israelites, I AM has sent you. And so, this name of YHWH in Hebrew this name of I AM is an important concept with for the rest of it's like, God's covenant name with his people Israel.

And so, he is not the I was or the I will be, He is the eternal one, the I AM who is always there always present always now. And that's great news, right? God is the I AM not the I was not the I will be, He's the I AM with you right now. He is there and He is right now with you. That's an incredible idea. And so, the story of Moses, Moses goes back and begins to confront Pharaoh. And now we're gonna find out about the rest of that tomorrow. Okay, so we'll see you then.

My name is Darrell Stetler, and I create discipleship tools to help small church pastors finally learn what it means to make disciples, not just collect attenders!

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