License the New Start Discipleship Journal for your church!

What's included: WEBSITE
The website and videos are all free. Your church family can access them any time. You could send people here and HOPE that they will purchase a New Start Discipleship Journal, but let's be honest: Many won't follow through! What if you had them already customized, printed, and could just HAND OUT as many as needed?
What's included: JOURNALS
When you license for your church, you get an EDITABLE copy of the Journal that you can customize for your church... your contact info, your logo, even your own text! 
You can change the inside to: 
  • Promote your mission statement,
  • advertise your discipleship class
  • promote small groups
Print as many as you need, for as long as you need!
What's included: A PLAN
Stop "winging it" on something as important as discipleship! Don't be without something to hand to a new believer! 
Give your brand new Christians a clear pathway forward, with a clear set of devotional & discipleship tools you can discuss.
What's included: VIDEOS
Imagine, a discipleship pastor with over 20 years experience ON YOUR STAFF, spending 5 minutes daily with your disciples...! Think that wouldn't make a difference?
All included. And you don't even have to pay a housing allowance.
What's included: BONUSES
If you license the Journal, you also get:
  • A 6-sermon New Start series
  • Notes, Handouts, Powerpoint
  • Exciting Video trailer / promo
  • Graphics to promote on social media
Licensing for your church is $197, and covers an infinite number of copies for use at your church, for as long as you want to make them. 
Questions? Please feel free to contact me!
Or if you're ready to order, click the button: 

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