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Discipleship Bible Study - Day 22

Welcome to Day 22 of your new walk with God!  Today's reading on our reading plan through the highlights of the Bible is:

Hebrews 4:14-5:10 - Jesus the Great High Priest

Read it in your Bible, OR:

Click HERE to read it in the NIV.

Click HERE to read or listen to today's reading in the ESV.

Click HERE to read in the KJV.

If you don't have the the New Start Discipleship Journal for New Christians, click to download a copy! ​


Psalm 67 - Learning to pray the Word of God

The Psalms are the inspired prayer book of God. Praying the Psalms is a practice that turns the Word of God and prayer into a 2-way conversation between you and the Lord instead of just one-way communication. God talks to YOU through the Word, and you talk back to him about the things that God just spoke to you about. 

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